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Step 1: click code
Step 2: from your blog, click the customize button in the top right (where someone else’s follow/unfollow button would normally be).
Step 3: Remove all the text in the html box: You can select all text by holding CTRL+A for pc-users and for mac-users you hold CMD+A.
Step 4: Paste Code Directly into the empty html box on the customize page (CTRL+V for pc-users and for mac-users you hold CMD+V).
Step 5: This step is very important. You must SAVE then REFRESH THE PAGE before adjusting the theme colors, links, etc.
Step 6: After refreshing the customize page you can now edit the variables such as colors, custom links, and other things available on that theme!
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first ask layout!
this is my first ask layout (:
it has a personal FAQ and a regular FAQ
when you click the “click for ask box”
it popups up(:
first link layout! 
this has a popups for the links (:
its really cute!!
its my first layout (:
my old theme (:
Preview / Code
this has the random photo script (:
third vertical theme
second vertical theme (: like this post if you are going to use it
preview / code
new theme!
this is my first vertical theme (: 
this is my old theme (:
its one of my fave themes yay 
this theme has a stats and music box
6 links
2 titles